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We Are VGDev!

Georgia Tech's Video Game Development Club

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Spring 2023 Trailer

Check out our previous semester's games!

Current Games


Play as an ooze monster named King whose only goal is the feast on the inhabitants in a disco club in this turn-based stealth strategy game.


Sick of capitalism and corporate greed? Swing and punch your way to the top of Hammurabi tower to confront the Boss in this action platformer!


When two different worlds in two different times begin to overlap one another, two ordinary people must save the day in this 2D puzzle platformer.

Sylvie's Constellation

Take control of Sylvie as she attempts to find her place in the universe. Solve puzzles, connect stars, and dodge asteroids to help constellations with their problems.


Control time, confront yourself, and explore the inner depths of Cykey in this 3D first-person puzzle platformer. Slowly uncover the truth of the world and yourself as you fight to restore balance to a chaotic world...

To the First Power

After finding a creature in a cave, it's your job to train this little guy to be the strongest fighter in the kingdom in this bullet-hell game.

About VGDev

Going strong for more than 13 years, we at Georgia Tech’s Video Game Development club pride ourselves on being welcoming for novice devs while giving room for veterans to hone their skills.  Whether you’ve been making games since you were a wee babe or are just jumping into gaming in general, you’ll have a lot of fun here!  Every semester, members of our club lead and support dev teams to make games which we will then showcase to the school at large

We develop ~6 games per semester with no joining restrictions, so you’ll have many options in terms of both complexity and genre.  No worries if you miss early meetings, feel free to jump in any time.


This website functions as a resource for the club and development in general:  check the resources tab to look at old meetings and workshops and check out deep dives done by old team leads for fantastic and specific wisdom.  Don’t forget to join our discord to ask questions directly - no need to be shy, we don’t bite :)

How To Get Started

Be sure to register with VGDev on the GaTech Engage portal, and join our Discord server!

Leadership Team

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