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Fall 2020


Game Description

It’s… a tree? One day, you – a climate-change scientist – accidentally discovered how to merge tree DNA to create new, never-before-seen trees. How many combinations can you find? Maybe there’s more to these trees than meets the eye. Explore the possibilities in this casual, drag-drop mobile game, available on both Android and iOS.

And in the words of the great Tree of Knowledge, “Continue creating trees!”


Noura El Bayrouti – Project Lead
Aparna Arul: Artist
Maddie King: Writer
Barry Grant: Programmer, Concept Art
Angela Dai: Programmer
Etim Otu: Composer, Sound Engineer
Amri Paravath: Programmer
Julia Zhu: Artist
Libby Mather: Programmer
Heather Zhu: UI Designer, Programmer
Marin Hyatt: Programmer, Artist
Rose Rosado: Artist

Downloadable Content

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