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Fall 2021


Game Description

Beam is a 3D first person puzzle game that draws on science fiction elements. You play as a cybernetically enhanced superhuman that can shoot two types of beams. The grab beam allows you move objects within range at will, while the swap beam allows you to switch places with other objects, effectively teleporting you to that object's location. Your goal is to escape a series of rooms by manipulating the environment using your beams. Good luck!


Logan Bowers: Project Lead, Programmer, Shader Engineer, Game Design, Level Design, Sound Effects, 3D Artist

Chase O-Brien: Shader Engineer, Programmer, Game Design, Level Design, 3D Artist, UI Designer, Concept Art, Writer, Voice Acting

Daniel Carr: Game Design, Level Design, 3D Artist, Concept Art

Isaiah McElvain: Composer

Gregg Williams: Programmer, Game Design, Level Design

Alex Yang: Game Design, Level Design

Downloadable Content

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