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The Beta Tester's Guide to Gravity Manipulation





Fall 2021


Game Description

In The Beta Tester’s Guide to Gravity Manipulation, Enter the winding halls of Gravitonix Industries and become a beta tester for their new device, the Gravipod, that can control the force of gravity itself. Use the ability to change the direction of gravity to pass tests and puzzles as you get to know the Gravitonix staff. Explore their underground facility, and perhaps even beyond the Earth.

The Beta Tester’s Guide to Gravity Manipulation features:

  • Twelve levels

  • Over three hours of puzzle adventure gameplay

  • A fully voiced story

  • 7 music tracks

  • Dozens of fun physics puzzles

  • Hundreds of crates!


Mitchell Philipp: Project Lead, Game Design, Level Design, Shader Engineer, Programmer, 2D Artist, Sound Effects, Writer

Elliot Codd: Game Design, Level Design, 2D Artist

Eli Corley: 2D Artist, Composer

Nicky Turk: 2D Artist, Writer, Voice Acting

Alex Yang: Game Design, Level Design, 2D Artist

Akash Chakka: Game Design, Level Design

Jonathan Luo: Composer

Alan Tao: Shader Engineer

Colin Cassell: Composer, Sound Effects

Ben Lathrop: Game Design, Level Design, Writer

Prithvi Ulaganathan: Game Design, Level Design

Natanya Norry: Composer, Voice Acting

Alex Shor: Voice Acting

Sophia Lin: Voice Acting

Grace Rarer: Miscellaneous Help

Matthew McDaniel: Playtesting

Norah Philipp: Playtesting

Abby Craver: Playtesting

Ryan Martin: Playtesting

Downloadable Content

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