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Spring 2022


Game Description

Manipulate the world in order to solve puzzles and help others. You will manage an ever-growing set of tiles and mechanics as you explore unique areas and unravel the mysteries of the universe.

In Slider, the world faces cataclysm, and YOU must use The Artifact to solve puzzles, rearrange maps, help reconnect humanity, and most importantly, find your cat.

Use The Artifact to slide map tiles to your advantage, unlocking treasures and completing each area's grid. Watch as your collection of objects expands as you solve increasingly complex puzzles. The world is full of mysteries, with each new area presenting a unique twist on the 8-puzzle. Discover rotating environments, tactical combat, 3D grids, and time travel! After the world has been shattered, it's up to you to reconnect everyone. Help those in need piece their lives back together. Solve puzzles of increasing complexity as your toolbox grows and mechanics build upon each other. From anchors to buoys to lights, take control of the world around you.

Slider has seen continued development after its time in VGDev. You can wishlist the full game on Steam, which will release in 2023.


Daniel Carr: Project Lead

Chase O'Brien: Programmer, Game Design, Marketing

Drew Busch: Game Design, Writer, Composer

Eli Corley: Composer, Artist

Elliott Chen (Applejack): Programmer

Ethan Aristanto (non GT): Composer

Gazal Mathur: Artist

Jamie Lee (non GT): Artist, Marketing

Jessica Wang: Artist, Marketing

Jimmy Huang: Composer

Kate Tran (non GT): Composer

Koushik Thiyagarajan (non GT): Programmer

Kristian Chappell: Programmer

Logan Bowers: Programmer, Shader Engineer, AI Programming

Maddie King: Game Design, Writer

Max Zhang (non GT): Game Design, Writer, Playtesting

Muskaan Gupta: Programmer

Nathaniel Koehler: Artist

Nicolas Cai: Programmer

Pawan Jayakumar (non GT): Programmer

Reinart Realina: Programmer

Sudharshan Srinivasan: Game Design

Thomas Dayton: Programmer

Travis Bittel: Programmer

Tristan Ziegler: Programmer

Zhenyu Wu: Programmer

Zhixuan (Mike) Wang: Artist

Downloadable Content

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