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Weird Movement


Spring 2021


Game Description

You've played snake before. You've played roguelikes. Now, we mix them together using thousands of years of human progression to make a sure highlight game for years (or maybe a few days... if that): Gunsnake.

Enter a dark, mysterious temple as humanity's finest piece of engineering -- the Gunsnake. Traverse 3 procedurally generated areas and use 18 items in different combinations. Master the unconventional movement and aiming systems as you try and conquer the Temple.


Daniel Carr: Team Lead

Ethan Aristanto: Jungle, Dungeon, Menu Music
Levi Doyle: Art - Mushroom
Isaiah McElvain: Temple Music, SFX
Jamie Lee: Art - UI
Elizabeth Liu: Art - Splash, Player
Allison Lu: Art + Programming - Enemies
Koushik Thiyagarajan: Programming - Artifacts
Bertram Zhai: Programming - UI

Downloadable Content

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