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Attack of the Cubes


Spring 2013

First-Person Shooter


Game Description

This is a legacy VGDev game.

 Try it out below!

Or, check out a video here!

(Webmaster Note: The only build available was a Unity Web Player file. The file is available for download, but I can't find a current way to play these files.)

Matthew Guzdial - Project Lead, Programmer, Level Design, 3D Artist, 2D Artist

Jay Belmon - 3D Artist

Juan de Cardenas - Programmer, Level Design, 3D Artist

Emma Hargrave - 3D Artist, 2D Artist, Sound Effects

Marc Huet - Programmer, Level Design

Amita Karunakaran - Composer

Neal Kaviratna - Composer

Alyssa Kuncaitis - 3D Artist

Sebastian Monroy - Programmer

Austin Musselwhite - Level Design

Nick Shooter - Composer

Andrew Silva - 3D Artist

Perry Watson - Sound Effects

Sean Wheeler - Level Design, Programmer, 2D Artist

Kevin Wongso - Programmer, Level Design

Kara Yogan - 2D Artist


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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