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Bardmage Arena


Fall 2016

Fantasy Fighting Music Party


Game Description

It’s a bard, it’s a mage… it’s a Bardmage! Master the art of musical magic combat and destroy your friends or AI in this top-down brawler, and make some “music” along the way.

Kartikay Kini - Project Lead

Sean Joplin - Level Design, 3D Artist, Programmer

Kyle Perras - Level Design, 3D Artist

Da-In Ryoo - Level Design

Violet Armendariz - 3D Artist

Cheng Hann Gan - AI Programming

Jonathan Hunter - Programmer

Steve Nkuranga - Programmer

Ambrose Cheung - Programmer

Alon Fischer - Programmer

Eric Cook - Miscellaneous Help

Sean Flanagan - Miscellaneous Help


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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