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Spring 2021

Singleplayer Experimental Music Party Multiplayer


Game Description

Beatdown is a rhythm game where you play versus AI or other players. Make a move on the beat (when the diamond is green). You can move up, down, left, right OR charge your player. If you charge, your counter goes up. For each charge the player has, the next move will go that many gridspaces in that direction. In addition, the way you kill the other players is by colliding into them with more charge.

There are special gridspots, powerups, and ultimates you can utitilize to defeat your foes. Just make sure you don't miss too many beats, or you'll fall behind.

So go ahead, get crafty, and beatdown your opponents!

You can listen to the soundtrack on Spotify

Drew Busch: Programming, Design, Team Lead

Logan Bowers: Programming, Level Design

Travis Bittel: Programming, Design

Luka Derado: Programming

David London: Programming

Kyle Hilgenberg: Programming

Tamjid Hossain: Art, Level Design

Aparna Arul: Art, UI

Rina Yoo: Art, UI

Patrick Zugel: Music

Etim Otu: Music

Isaiah McElvain: Music

May Lawver: Music


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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