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Birdman the Renegade


Fall 2018

Action Singleplayer


Game Description

Inter-dimensional labyrinth of DOOM? This is your turf now.

You play as SIS, a young sister of the streets. One day, the once-benevolent overlord Birdman decides he wants a form of entertainment and drops you into his personal colosseum. Fight off these assortment of monsters and show Birdman not to mess with you.

Birdman the Renegade is a wave-based third-person shooter with stealth/action gameplay. I lead a team of 6 developers in the Georgia Tech game development club, VGDev. There are 3 unique enemies and 2 weapons for the players. The code features a Behavior Tree/Finite State Machine hybrid backend for the AI, a procedurally-generated dungeon, a Waypoint Navigation API powered by A*, and a Scriptable Object architecture.

Andrew Hoyt: Project Lead

Tristan Sallin: Music

Sean Flanagan: Tech Art

Brandon Shockley: Art, Programming

Tyron Jason Wulff: Art, Programming

Nicholas Chua: Art, Programming


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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