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Black Oak Manor


Spring 2013

Horror Party Survival


Game Description

Black Oak Manor is an asymmetrical, local-multiplayer game. Up to 4 paranormal investigators face off against 1 monster in a procedurally generated haunted house.

Colton Spross - Project Lead, 2D Artist, Programmer

Josh Faubel - Programmer

Kyle Blevens - Programmer

AJ Kolenc - Composer, UI Design

Jonathan Betancourt - AI Programming

Chris DeLeon - 2D Artist, Level Design

Stephanie Dykes - 2D Artist

Alvina Atmadja - 2D Artist

Rose Peng - UI Design

Emmy Zhang - UI Design

Evan Moscoso - Level Design

Patrick Coursey - Level Design

Tanjeem Rhyne - Level Design


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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