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Blood Favor


Fall 2022

First-Person Singleplayer Shooter Roguelike Action


Game Description

Blood Favor is a first-person shooter roguelike set in a dystopian world where entertainment is king. You are one of many desperate individuals willing to risk it all, and lucky you, you've been selected to compete! Are you here for justice? Revenge? Change? Whatever it is, you better put on a good show. Your life Depends on it.

An ambitious VGDev title, this game includes what you'd expect in a standard FPS with First person movement and 5 unique weapons, as well as intelligent AI that shoot at you, take cover, and charge at you! All of this combat takes place in the gameshow setting, which must be different every time to keep the audience engaged, so Blood Favor also has a robust 3D level generator that puts handmade rooms together at runtime to make a unique layout for each playthrough! Earn tickets by performing well in one of the many (2) games, and spend those tickets on items in the shop. You can also find free items in mystery gifts around!

Drew Busch: Team Lead, Programming, Design, Music, Writing

Logan Bowers: Programming SubLead

Alex Yang: Level Design SubLead

Felipe Castro: AI SubLead

Jason Ng: Item Design SubLead

Hasan Ali: Art SubLead

Abhishek Pillai: Writing SubLead

Qingzhi You: Programming

Avery Greer: Programming

Roderic Parson: Programming

Daniel Mittelman: Item Design

Reinart Realina: Level Design, Item Design

John Zhang: Level Design

Wonjin Cho: Level Design

Maddalen Demars: UI Design, Voice Acting (The Insurgent)

Alex Shor: Voice Acting (The Host)

Ethan Yu: Weapon Modeling, Weapon Texturing

Tamjid Hossain: Weapon Texturing

Nidhish Shanmugasundaram: Item Icon Art

Lanz Santiaguel: Music

Patrick Zugel: Music

Celine Chan: Writing


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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