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Fall 2023

RPG Artistic Fantasy Role-Playing Singleplayer Strategy


Game Description

Bonbon is a narratively driven sweets themed RPG, that follows a boy who wants to be a hero, and his sister who just wants to keep him safe.

Game Pitch: “Prepare for an adventure through a sweets themed world, and help the sibling duo, Pan and Mochi, navigate a world of dangerous sweetures. During campfire events, engage in heartwarming conversations and build bonds between characters as you gather new bonbon recipes. Lead your characters into intense battles where strategy is key and harness the power of 'bonbons' to customize and enhance your fighters' abilities. Combine these delectable treats to craft unique combinations that will turn the tide of battle in your favor. Teamwork is the key to victory, and the strength of your bonds will determine your success. Unite with your main characters, plan out your combos, and discover how strong the bond of family truly is!”

Team Leads

  • Vu Nguyen

  • Chris Lee


  • Carlos Suarez - Programming Sublead

  • Jasmine Cobb - Programming Sublead

  • Jung Jang - Producer


  • Moses Adewolu - 2D Artist

  • Joseph Britt - Programmer, 3D Artist, Tech Art

  • Benden Carruthers - Design, Narrative, Sound

  • Aaron Chen - Narrative, Design

  • Ellen Crews - 2D Artist

  • Melanie Douglas - 3D Artist

  • Avery Greer - 3D Artist

  • Tamjid Hossain - 3D Artist, Tech Art

  • Alex Kim - Programmer, UI/UX

  • Yoon Lee - Music, Sound

  • Esther Moon - 2D Artist

  • Na Nguyen - 2D Artist, UI/UX

  • Cynthia Peng - Programmer, 2D Artist

  • Jalana Smith - 3D Artist

  • Sudharshan Srinivasan - Design, Narrative

  • David Tran - Programmer, Sound

  • Vitor Waga Okada - Programmer

  • Mackenzie Williams - 2D Artist

  • Tracy Xie - Programmer

  • Prateek Yadav - 2D Artist


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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