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Card Ninjas


Fall 2015

Board Fighting Strategy


Game Description

Play as a ninja battling through the campaign or head-to-head in this action-packed deck builder!

Larry Smith - Project Lead, 3D Artist, 3D Animation

Jonathan Hunter - Project Lead, Programmer, AI Programming

Eric Cook - Project Lead, UI Design, 2D Artist

Neal Kaviratna - Project Lead, UI Design

Cassie Mullins - 2D Artist

Da-In Ryoo - 2D Artist

Kartikay Kini - 3D Artist

Ryan Khan - 3D Artist

James Lee - Programmer, 3D Artist, 2D Artist

Brian Kalish - Programmer

Aaron Lipin - Programmer

Drew Salazar - Programmer

Chris Tansey - AI Programming

Nick Shooter - Composer

Haris Aslam - Composer


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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