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Dream State Machine


Fall 2014

Fantasy Fighting


Game Description

Explore the wilds and defeat enemies in this top-down RPG.

Connor Brinkmann - Project Lead, Game Architect, Programming, Animation, World Design

Mitchell McClellan - Sound Programmer, Item Programmer/Designer, Character Design/Animation

Jeremy Feltracco - Game Input Programming, Controller Support Programming

Aaron Andrews - Prop Programming

Matt Schmidt - Linux Assistance

Ho Keun Kim - Tutorial World Programming/Design

Ojan Thornycroft - Rendering Programming, World Transition Programming

Jonathan Hunter - Additional Enemy Programming

Patrick Sewell - Menu Design/Art, Additional Sound Effects, Health Bar Design

Larry Smith - Character Design/Animation, Item Design

Nicholas Shooter - Composer for Ice World, Temple World, Grass World

Xena Grant - Composer for Nightmare World

Caylen Lee - Composer for Credits

Robbie Thomas - User Testing

Chase Melton - User Testing

Idean Behforouz - User Testing

Matthew Guzdial - User Testing

Elliot Outland - User Testing


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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