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Spring 2021

Adventure Third-Person Mystery RPG


Game Description

From The Winterlands, to Feudal Japan the worlds are falling apart. People and Items have gone missing and are winding up in the wrong world. Help a mysterious entity repair the fracturing realms and put everything and everyone where they were engineered to go.

Audrey Yarmowich: Team LeadCameron Gonzalez: World Design

Akash C: World Design

Olena Buriakova: World Design

Maeve Philipp: Gameplay, Scripting, Writing, Voice ActingAneet Nadella: Gameplay, Scripting

Luka Derado: Gameplay, Scripting

Cameron Gonzalez: Gameplay, Scripting

Zachary Goddard: Audio, Music

Riley Voor: Audio, Music

Vik Bathalalalala: Audio, MusicNoura El Bayrouti: Writing, Voice Acting

Benjamin Lathrop: Writing, Voice Acting

Madeline King: Writing​

Xander Goebel: WritingTom Speers: Voice Acting

Aneet Nadella: Voice Acting

Luka Derado: Voice Acting

Libby Mather: Voice Acting

Nicole Harris: Voice Acting

Yoon Lee: Voice Acting

Cameron Gonzalez: Voice Acting

Tamjid Hossain: Voice Acting

Barry Grant: Voice Acting

Drew Busch: Voice Acting

Tristan Gaskin: Voice Acting


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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