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Ethereal Arena


Fall 2018

Action Fantasy Shooter Third-Person


Game Description

Everyone wants to be a champion. The Ethereal Arena is a phantasmic tournament that invites fighters to show the world their skills. Enter the tournament yourself and prove your strength. Dodge relentless attacks while retaliating with your own unique skills. Each fight will only be harder as your opponents grow stronger. Finally, face down the champion and claim the title for yourself. Show them what you’ve got!

Seth M Triplett: Project Lead

Amrithesh Paravath: 2D Art

Sean McMannus: Enemy AI

Nathan Florez: Supplementary AI

Sean Flanagan: Shaders and World Map

Kory Hunter: UI Programming

Sam Triplett: Supplementary Art and AI

Andy Xue: Game Jolt API Integration


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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