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Spring 2022

Music Singleplayer Automation


Game Description

Factorio meets Crypt of the Necrodancer! Collect resources, refine and combine them, and automate to the beat! Unlock new technology by feeding your resources into locked parts of the world. Maximize your infrastructure’s efficiency to the beat of the song!

Alex Yang: Project Lead, Programmer, Game Design, Level Design, Artist, Sound Engineer, Marketing

Elliott Chen: Game Design

Benjamin Lathrop: Game Design, Art

Nicky Turk: Game Design, Level Design, Programming, Art, Marketing

Tristan Ziegler: Game Design, Programming

Ryan Abusaada: Technical Lead, Programming

Nicolas Cai: Programming

Jeremy Jeong: Programming

Christopher Kim: Programming

Alan Tao: Shader Engineer, Programming

Brandon Zhou: Programming

Jason Ma: Art

Lee Rist: Art

Rose Rosado: Art

David London: Composer

Pranay Rapolu: Composer

Arthur J. Wang: Composer

Trenton Wong: Composer

Chase O'Brien: Marketing


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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