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Spring 2018

Role-Playing Strategy


Game Description

A dungeon crawling puzzle game. Fight enemies, upgrade stats, loot keys, and open doors to reach the exit in each level.


► 22 increasingly difficult dungeons to navigate through!

► Level select!

► Leaderboards!

► Achievements!

► A gripping plot!

► In-game level editor!

► Play other peoples’ custom levels!

► Intense algorithmic, mathematical, and navigational gameplay!

Andy Xue: Project Lead, Programmer

Winagodwin Anyanwu: Writer, 2D Artist

Kory Hunter: Level Design

Alex Kochengin: Level Design

James Lee: 2D Artist, QA

Drew Teachout: Level Design, 2D Artist

Rachel Tierney: Writer

Sarah Tsai: 2D Artist

Jeffrey Zhang: Writer, Level Design


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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