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From Nava


Spring 2023

Singleplayer Fantasy Puzzle Action Adventure


Game Description

Piece together what happened in an abandoned research laboratory by drawing patterns to cast a variety of spells. This dark and mysterious 2D action-adventure filled with puzzle elements bestows you with only a powerful pen, only capable of magic attacks by drawing unique patterns. You must find a way out by collecting all nine polaroids to escape through the laboratory’s main exit doors. These polaroids serve as the few remaining snapshots of an unknown past, so it is up to you to find them. From monsters to puzzles preventing an easy path to the end, it will take determination and grit to fulfill a stranger’s final wish and uncover what truly befell this decrepit world.

Jungwoo Jang: Co-Lead (Production, Design, Programming, Writing)

Esther Jiyoon Moon: Co-Lead (Production, Art, Sound)

Jacob Bovatsek: Art

Daniel Carr: Art

Xavier Genio: Art

Elizabeth Liu: Art, Programming

Allison Lu: Art

Shania Tjhang: Art

Demi Tran: Art

Prateek Yadav: Art

Ray Wang: Design

Andrew Zhang: Design

Christopher Fitzpatrick: Programming, Sound

Daniel Lin: Programming

Anthony Miyaguchi: Programming

Irene Oh: Programming

Chase O'Brien: Programming

Joseph Minha Seo: Programming

Grace Shao: Programming

Cole Sosnowski: Programming

Carlos Suarez: Programming, Sound

Kaleb Bates: Sound

Jack Hayley: Sound

Azeez Hussain: Writing

Aadarsh Vavilikolanu: Writing


Downloadable Content

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