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Girby in my Room


Fall 2018

Adventure Artistic Role-Playing Third-Person


Game Description

Yikes, there are bugs in my room!! And–oh? Who’s this? Girby! In my room! Explore my room as a ball of pure love, Girby, and learn about the lives of the room’s inhabitants by helping them collect items and go on different missions. Will the inside bugs learn to live in harmony with the outside bugs through the example shown by you, Girby? Probably, considering it wouldn’t otherwise be explicitly mentioned.

Rhinannan Berry: Project Lead

Jin Woo Lee: Writer

John Britti: 3D Artist

Kyle Perras: 3D Artist, 3D Animation

Sarah Tsai: 2D Artist

Alice Moh: 3D Artist

Seong-Hyun Ryoo: 2D Artist

Rikesh Subedi: 2D Artist, Voice Acting, Writing

Kevin Tang: Composer, Programmer

Sean Fisher: 3D Animation, 3D Artist

Kory Hunter: Programming


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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