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Grackle: The Maze of Eternal Horrors


Spring 2019

Action Horror


Game Description

You find yourself locked in a dungeon patrolled by ghosts. You cannot tell if the writing on the wall is trying to help you or mock your efforts. Do bullets even hurt ghosts? Try to escape … Grackle: The Maze of Eternal Horrors!

Audrey Yarmowich: Project Lead, Programmer, Game Design

Ethan Yu: Level Design, Programmer

Ethan Tillison: Level Design, Programmer

John Britti: Shader Engineer

Shannon Ke: 2D Artist

Miranda Bisson: 2D Artist, 3D Artist

Amrithesh Paravath: 2D Artist, 3D Artist

Stephen Kamali: 3D Artist, Programmer

Marcelo Costa: Programmer

Eric Glunn: Level Design


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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