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Gun with Legs


Spring 2021

Singleplayer Platformer Shooter


Game Description

The year is 2020, the year of the rat. However, rodent-kind have not been having a great time. A huge divide between different rat castes formed. It is the Good Rats versus the Bad Ratz. This all started when the God Emperor of Rat Kind was dethroned and usurped in the Divine Coup by Head Man, who then opened up the Gates of Heck. From the Gates flooded really weird evil stuff that started wrecking the world. The Elder Rat, a wise and noble protector of the lands, crafted an ultimate weapon to fight back the hordes of Heck: a gun, but with legs. A weapon that could move on its own, independent of an owner. A true warrior, a lethal weapon. Now, you play as that weapon. Heck is full. Bullets are life. May your aim be true, and your glutes be sharp.

Ethan Yu: Game Lead

Daniel Otaigbe: Programming

Soham Kar: Programming

Gabriel Chen: Programming

Drew Bondurant: Programming

Alan Tao: ProgrammingRose: Art, Animation

Jackson Leone: Art, Animation

Vik Bathala: Art, Animation

Jack Atkinson: Art, Animation

Harrison Speed: Music


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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