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Head Rush


Fall 2018

Artistic First-Person Party Racing Shooter


Game Description

Ever have the desire to run away from floating heads while vaporwave music plays in the background? Have no fear, Head rush is a vaporwave themed, racing/shooter couch co-op that puts the players into a delorian style vehicle as they run and gun at floating heads as fast as possible. It can be played using either Xbox 360 Controllers or Keyboard. The driver’s job is to reach the final statute as fast as possible while the gunner’s job is to ensure the floating heads don’t destroy the ship.

Sean Joplin: Project Lead

Vishal Tummalapalli: Project Lead

John Britti: 3D Art

Charleston Ford: 3D Art

Kyle Perras: 3D Art

Cassie Mullins: Art


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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