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Hellion Hills Retirement Home


Fall 2016

Board Puzzle Strategy


Game Description

Hellion Hills Reitrement Home: In Which A Grandma Must Collect Her Cats And Leave A Retirement Home Which Has Been Overrun By Monsters Due To An Unspecified Plot Point

Grab your cats, trap some monsters, and get out alive!

Megan Shaffer - Project Lead, Programmer, 2D Artist

Kartikay Kini - Programmer

Cassie Mullins - Concept Art, 2D Artist

Da-In Ryoo - Concept Art, 2D Artist

Delfina Booth - Concept Art, 2D Artist

Rizky Suwoto - Concept Art

Michelle Zheng - Concept Art

Paige Greenfield - Composer


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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