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Light Disk VR


Spring 2022

VR Action First-Person Singleplayer


Game Description

Become submerged in a futuristic VR world wielding various weapons and abilities. Throw disks, wield swords, create gravity fields… and defeat your opponents to prove you are the best out there!

Note: This build is for Oculus!

Mikhail Romanenko: Project Lead

Grace Alexander: 3D Art Subteam Lead

Chase O’Brien: Programming Subteam Lead

Alan Tao: Networking Subteam Lead

Rohan Agarwal: Programming

Joseph Bonitatibus: Programming

Kunal Mohindra: Programming

Reinart Realina: Programming

Jessica Wang: 2D Art

Tamjid Hossain: 3D Art

Ethan Yu: 3D Art

Logan Bowers: Music

Connor Sugasawara: Music

Trenton Wong: Music

Sara Inani: UI

Ryan Abusaada: Networking


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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