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Fall 2020

Adventure Artistic Music Platformer Puzzle


Game Description

Lunacia is an atmospheric puzzle/platformer about finding yourself through dreams! Follow Rosetta as she explores the dreams of souls long departed as she struggles to find the solution to the thoughts that haunt her mind.

Alice Moh: Project Lead

Yoon Lee: Project Lead, Mother Hen

Nicole Harris: Art Subteam Lead

Isaiah McElvain: Sound Team Lead, Motivational Speaker, Choreographer, Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Performer, Production Supervisor, Camera “B” Operator, Voice of “Andira”, Extras #14, #32, Chief Junior Associate Assistant Executive Producer

Cathy Foss: Programming Team Lead

Tamjid Hossain: Programming / Brackeys Viewer, Sound/Whistler, Moral Support

Soham Kar: Writing, Programming, Design

Zachary Goddard: Programming, Design

Wendy Sun: Programming

Etim Otu: Composer, Hamburgler

Wendy Han: Art

Aparna Arul: Art

Daniel Carr: Programming

Steven Le: Composer

Juliet Baldwin: Programming

Neil Patram: Composer, Mop Proficiency

Austin Chemelli: Programming

Alan Tao: Programming (UI), Vfx, Art

Heather Zhu: Programming

Kevin Sadi: Music

Eleanor Mather: Writing, Design

Miranda Bisson: Concept Art, Tilemaps

Erica Izaguirre: Art, Programming

Jimmy Liu: Art

Baxter Wells: Programming

Julia Zhu: Background art, Oversleeping almost all the meetings

Patrick Zugel: Music

Daniel Varzari: Writing, Design

Yadu Sunil: Programming, Settings

Bella Beeco: Rosetta character animation/sprites, General Art

Seong-Hyun Ryoo: Tile art, album art

Ben Lock: UI Assets, Title animation


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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