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LuvStung: A Guide to Enamoring Club Hearts


Fall 2022

Dating Simulator Artistic Interactive Fiction Simulation


Game Description

This is a collab game between VGDev and Anime O’Tekku, a dating sim/visual novel made with RenPy where you may date anthropomorphic clubs on the GT campus. You play as a new student at Gech, balancing out their work life balance and traversing the campus to score the relationship you want.

Kevin Xiao: Project Lead

Prince Bull: Art Lead

John Zhang: Writing Lead

Abdul Sayed: Programming Lead

Jacob Zeigler: Music Lead

Jessica Li: Art

Leon Tsai: Art

Christopher Lee: Art

Linsey Chen: Art

Luke Choi: Art

Akki Easley: Writing

Vijay Shastri: Writing, Music


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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