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Spring 2017

Action Fantasy Platformer


Game Description

You are a medium. A bridge between the physical and ethereal worlds. Use your ghost-like abilities to possess animals, solve puzzles and defeat bosses, all while uncovering bits of a dark past that transcends life itself (or something).

Jordan Eggleston: Project Lead

Chris Payne: Project Lead, Level Design

Charleston Ford: Project Lead, 2D Artist

W Keller: Programmer, Level Design, Quality Assurance

Kyle Perras: Programmer

Sam Cook: Programmer

Corey Salmon: 2D Artist

Kimberly Burke: 2D Artist

Kevin Zhu: 2D Artist

Eric Wang: 2D Artist

Patrick Black: 2D Artist

Brandon Gipson: 2D Artist

Sean McManus: Level Design

Seth Triplett: Level Design, 2D Artist

Derrick Bailey: Level Design

James Lee: Level Design, Programmer

Lenno Liu: Composer

Paige Greenfield: Composer

Tony Peng: Quality Assurance


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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