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Mi So Madness


Fall 2020

Multiplayer Party Action Racing Third-Person


Game Description

Mi So Madness is a ramen multiplayer networked game. Play as cup ramen(oni-tan) or bowl ramen(maru-chan) with your friends on Steam or locally through LAN. If you want to play on Steam, have steam open when opening the game. If you want to play locally make sure steam is closed. You fight against your friends in an infinite runner game and only the best players advance to the sumo level where the last one standing is the only one not eaten. So will you survive the ramen dinner tonight?

Daniel Dias: 3d Artist, Animator

Tamjid Hossain: 3d Artist

Aaron Hui: 3d Artist, 2d Artist

Ethan Yu: 2d Artist

Noura Bayrouti: Composer, Voice Acting

Kevin Sadi: Composer

Etim Otu: Composer

Isaiah McElvain: Music Editor

Maxwell Bradley: Programmer, Voice Acting

Sabin Kim: Programmer

Alice Moh: Programmer

Amita Karunakaran: 3d Artist

Andrew Han: Project lead

Sophia Worley: Project lead

Brian Huang: Voice Acting

Eilel Nsoeme: Voice Acting

Yoko Sarah Nakama Wong: Voice Acting


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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