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Fall 2019

Action Shooter Third-Person


Game Description

Mictlantechtli Kaj is an on-rails 3d shooter game where you play as Mictlantechtli Kaj, who is a clown fish, and his son has been taken by the mob. After making a deal with the devil he is able to fight to get his son back.

Sophia Worley: Project Lead

Andrew Han: Project Lead

Miranda Bisson: 3D Artist

Anuraj Bhatnagar: Level design

Aaron Hui: 3D Artist

Jennifer Hom: Writer

Tanya Churaman: VA

Addie Murphy: VA

Brandon Shockley: VA

Bradley T Baker: VA

Noura El Bayrouti: VA

Yoko Sarah Nakama: VA


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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