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Fall 2020

Action Third-Person Fighting


Game Description

Axel’s precious creations have been stolen by his brother for dubious ends. Time for him to take it all back the only way he knows how: in style. Play as Axel and combo robot enemies into oblivion to take down your brother!

Daniel Otaigbe: Team Lead, Gameplay Programming

Ethan Yu: Enemy Model, 2D Art

Ben Lock: Title Screen Animation

John Britti: Main Character Model

Sean Fisher: Boss Character Model

Tamjid Hossain: Neutral Special Programming

Cameron Gonzales: Enemy Spawning Programming

Andrew Bondurant: Back Special Programming

Amrithesh Paravath: Forward Special Programming, Taunt AI, UI Design

Aneet Nadella: UI Design Programming

Alexander Goebel: Options Screen Design, Programming

Tamjid Hossain: Pause Screen Programming, Design

Andrew Bondurant: Combo List, Credits Page Design, Level Design

Amrithesh Paravath: Level Design

Zachary Baskin: Level Design

Mae Pierce: Battle Theme – Momentum


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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