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Paper Planes


Spring 2022

Singleplayer Side-Scroller Fantasy


Game Description

Play as a tired wind goddess as she rediscovers life and meaning

Create lines of wind to guide a paper plane past obstacles and deliver a lost message that drifted down on the steps of the goddess's temple. Learn about the inhabitants of this world as you deliver their messages. Play through three separate levels. Dodge the perils of the world and fight against a boss all for the sake of one message.

Allison Lu: Team Lead

Elizabeth Liu: Team Lead

Gabriel Chen: Team Lead

Allen Cai: Music

Audrey Cho: 2D Art

Avery Greer: 2D Art

Cathy Lin: 2D Art

Chase Lee: Programming

Chase O'Brien: 2D Art

Deborah Cho: 2D Art

Elliott Chen: Story

Ethan Zhao: 2D Art

Evan Zhu: Programming

Gerardo Torres: 2D Art

Isaiah Bailey: Level Design, Story

Janhavi Purkar: Programming

Jason Guo: Programming

Jay Wu: 2D Art, Music

Jessica Wang: 2D Art

Joyce Li: Level Design

Jungwoo Jang: Story

Justin Yu: Level Design

Katelynn Nguyen: Programming

Kevin Kwan: Programming

Kinshuk Phalke: Programming

Leon Chen: Music

Maddie King: Story

Madeline Hou: Programming

Madison Powell: 2D Art, Programming

Maeve Philipp: Shader Art

Meiling Zhao: 2D Art, Music

Neil Kochhar: Programming

Rishi Machanpalli: Programming

Saigautam Bonam: Programming

Sophia Lin: Programming

Subrahmanyam Mullangi: Programming

Sydney Oden: 2D Art

Shivani Potdar: Music

Soham Kar: Level Design, Programming, Story

Trenton Wong: Music

Zachary Goddard: Programming


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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