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Fall 2021

First-Person Horror Platformer Singleplayer


Game Description

Paravoid is a singleplayer 3D platformer with a strong emphasis on an eerie, dream-like, and anxiety-inducing atmosphere. Step into a liminal nightmare and confront the call of the void.

Ethan Yu: Project Lead

Sara Inani: Project Lead

Andrew Busch: Music Lead, Level Design, Writer

Andrew Gao: Programming Lead, Sound Engineer

Kevin Kwan: Programmer

Trevor Ferreira: Programmer

Saachi Shenoy: Writer

Andrew Bondurant: Programmer

Vibha Raghu: Writer, 3D Artist

Avery Greer: AI Programmer

Shreshta Yadav: Programmer

Danny George: Programmer

Jade Spooner: Programmer, Writer

Ryan Abusaada: UI Designer, Programmer

Michelle Lee: Programmer

Ben Lock: 3D Artist

Noura El-Bayrouti: AI Programmer

Reinart Realina: Programmer

Jason Lei: Level Design

Alex Yang: Programmer, Level Design

Isaiah McElvain: Sound Effects

Alan Tao: Writer


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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