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Path to Harmony


Fall 2018

Adventure Artistic Board Fantasy Strategy Third-Person War


Game Description

Blair always dreamed of being a righteous leader like the monarchs of legend. When a plague strikes and the Kingdom of Xingata’s strained relationships with its neighbors snap, Blair gets a chance to prove their leadership in battle. But as they rise though the ranks it becomes clear not all is as it seems within the Xingatan military. Inspired by titles like Fire Emblem, Path to Harmony combines a fantasy setting, tactics based game play, and a rich story told though character interaction. Play as Blair and lead 10 unique unit types through 14 battles to save the people of Xingata!

Alice Moh: Project Lead, Programming, 3D Art, Writing, Level Design

Zachary Goddard: Programming

Rachel Tierney: Programming

Andy Xue: Programming

Matthew Mussleman: Programming

Grace Rarer: Programming

Kyle Perras: 3D Art

Sean Flanagan: 3D Art

Nicole Harris: 2D Art

Charleston Ford: 2D Art

Ryan Mccorkle: 2D Art

Jin Woo Lee: Writing

James Lee: Level Design

May Lawyer: Composer

Lenno Liu: Composer


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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