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Senpai, Me, and the Chocolate


Spring 2020

Action Stealth


Game Description

Every year, on Valentine’s Day, a war begins. In some countries you know of (wink wink), female students give chocolates to whom they like on Valentine’s Day. Male students are eager to get chocolates from girls since the number of chocolates somewhat signifies their level of social status. Therefore, they turn into thoughtless zombies who just want any kind of chocolate. You, as a high school girl, must sneak through those guys and give your chocolate to your favorite Senpai, before other guys notice you and your chocolate!

Semin Choi: Project Lead, Programmer, Artist, Level Design

Stephen Kamali: Technical Lead, Programmer

Ethan Yu: Artist

Tony Wu: Artist

Isaiah McElvain: Composer

Drew Bondurant: Programmer


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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