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Shifting Dungeon


Fall 2017

Action Role-Playing


Game Description

Shifting Dungeon is a top down Action RPG with both handmade and procedurally generated rooms. In this game, you control a slime out to get revenge on the castle full of monsters that kidnapped your daughter. Use traditional slime weapons such as guns and swords to fight your way back to the top!

Jonathan Hunter - Project Lead

Brandon Shockley - Programmer

Cheng Hann Gan - Programmer

Jake Deerin - 2D Artist, Programmer

Kevin Zhu - 2D Artist, Programmer

Sarah Tsai - 2D Artist

Mitch McClellan - 2D Artist

James Lee - 2D Artist

Sean Flanagan - 2D Artist

Cassie Mullins - 2D Artist

Sean Joplin - Composer

Kevin Tang - Composer

Lenno Liu - Sound Effects

Megan Huber - Writer

Anthony Teachey - Writer


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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