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Side by Side


Fall 2021

Multiplayer Platformer Puzzle Artistic Adventure Role-Playing


Game Description

Noah and Noelle were the best of friends during childhood before being separated, with Noah moving away. Now adults, the two realize they can communicate with each other in the sketchbooks they shared as kids—filled with fantastical worlds and adorable characters. Will their shared adventures in the sketchbooks encourage Noah and Noelle to reunite in the real world after years of being apart?

Rohan Agarwal: 2D Artist, Concept Art

Reuben An: Programmer

Carson Anderson: Technical Lead, Programmer

Gabriel Chen: Programmer, Writer

Eli Corley: Composer

Noura El Bayrouti: Level Design, Game Design, 2D Artist, 3D Artist, Voice Acting

Zachary Goddard: Programmer

Avery Greer: Programmer

Michael Hu: Writer

Erica Izaguirre: Team Lead, 2D Artist, 3D Artist, 2D Animation

Jungwoo Jang: Writer

Soham Kar: Team Lead, Writer, Game Design, Level Design

Albert Ko: Game Design, Level Design

Yoon Lee: Project Lead, Composer, Voice Acting

Elizabeth Liu: 2D Artist, 2D Animation, UI Designer

Van Livingston: Game Design, Level Design

David London: Composer

Allison Lu: Programmer

Bill Lu: Programmer

Isaiah McElvain: Technical Lead, Sound Engineer, Composer

Donald Nelson: Composer, Programmer

Madison Powell: 2D Artist, 2D Animation

Alan Tao: UI Designer, Game Design, Programmer

Prithvi Ulaganathan: Game Design, Level Design

Alex Yang: Game Design, Level Design

Jacob Zeigler: Composer

Tristan Ziegler: Programmer


Downloadable Content

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