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Fall 2022

Singleplayer Third-Person Shooter Sci-Fi


Game Description

To preserve the purity of the central reality node, errant realities must be eviscerated. Starfall is a third person action shooter wherein the player must survive waves of increasingly difficult interdimensional adversaries using their machine pistol, daggers, clone, and dash. Compete with other players for the best score on a global leaderboard.

Benjamin Lock: Team Lead

Michelle Lee: Programming Lead, Lead Producer

Soham Kar: Programmer

Eduardo Valverde: Programmer

Bahtibyte: Programmer

John Zhang: Programmer

Daniel Otaigbe: Programmer

Elizabeth Liu: Programmer, Artist

Kayla Clark: Artist

Vu ^_^ Nguyen: Artist

Ramsey Jones: Artist

Amrithesh Paravath: Artist

Tamjid Hossain: Artist

Celine Chan: Artist

Jay Edwards: Artist, Gameplay Designer

Josh Blackmon: Gameplay Designer

Joseph Zwiernikowski: Gameplay Designer

Ramsey Jones: Gameplay Designer, Artist

Jonathan Russell: Gameplay Designer

Joseph Knight: Music, SFX

Eli Ruckle: Music


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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