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Super Wacky Fast Time Fun Time Madness


Spring 2014

Action Party


Game Description

Speed through mini-games in this WarioWare inspired game!

Nicholas "Supreme Overlord" Shooter: Project lead, Programming, Microgame programming/art/SFX/music, music, SFX.

Jonathan "The Factory" Hunter: Lead programmer, Microgame programming/art/music.

Alyssa "Toast Master" Kuncaitis: Lead UI designer, Single Player UI, Multiplayer UI, Microgame art

Larry "Photoshop Wizard" Smith: Lead artist, Microgame art, UI art.

Michael "City Boy" Chi: Main Menu UI

Daniel "I/O" Dias: Controller Programming

Carey "The Chef" MacDonald: Microgame programming/art.

Aaron "Geometry Guru" McAnnally: Microgame programming/art.

Brooks "Happy Mouse" Withrow: Microgame art.

Priscilla "Bug Manlac" Han: Microgame art

Dean "8-bit" Yaniger: Microgame SFX.

Bahman "The Phantom" Patel: Microgame art


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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