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Fall 2017



Game Description

One day, you wake up in a mysterious, digital world. Do you have what it takes to escape the system?

Conquer your way through three distinct worlds using your spells, items, equipment, and wit as you try to escape the digital world.

System.Exit() is a challenging text RPG with handcrafted encounters and enemies designed to test all your skills: from reading comprehension to resource management.

  • Gain and cast distinct spells from spell trainers across the worlds to improve your chances of survival!

  • Outwit uniquely designed enemies across three worlds of content!

  • Acquire rare drops, purchase powerful gear, and level up your way to victory!

  • Choose between 4 different attributes to boost!

  • Manage a party of two drastically different characters, each with their own special resource system!

  • Save and export your adventure to the cloud using GameJolt’s data service!

Alice Moh - Programmer, Quality Assurance, Writer

Andy Xue - Project Lead, Programmer

Bianca Guerrero - 2D Artist

Brandon Xia - Quality Assurance

James Lee - Qality Assurance

Lenno Liu - Sound Effects

Sarah Tsai - 2D Artist

Seth Triplett - Quality Assurance


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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