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Spring 2022

Platformer Singleplayer Adventure Fantasy


Game Description

Thrall is a game about exploring the dilapidated world that the main character finds themselves in, fighting enemies and bosses, and overcoming platforming challenges as they proceed. There is a high emphasis on organic exploration, and picking up upgrades to increase the explorable area, without obvious hints as to where to go, and without a linear progression.

Patrick Zugel: Team Lead, Sound Engineer, Composer

David London: Sound Engineer, Composer

Jack Attkinson: Programmer

Travis Bittel: Programmer

Logan Bowers: Programmer

Thomas Dayton: Programmer

Zachary Goddard: Programmer

Kyle Hilgenberg: Programmer

Arthur Odom: Game/Level Designer

Erica Izaguirre: Art

Jessica Wang: Art


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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