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Trolley Problems


Fall 2023

Tower Defense Roguelike


Game Description

The ethics department of Big Auto was moved to an active volcanic island after asking too many questions. They were tasked to build a railway system that could “solve” the infamous trolley problem. Little did they know, autonomous vehicles back home have rebelled and vowed to destroy all of Big Auto, and their little island office will be their last stop.

As these vehicles reach your island, you need to stop them from entering the active volcanic vents and causing an eruption. But don’t worry, you have your trusty trolleys and a handful of weapons. Expand your railway system and earn upgrades to survive for as long as possible against enemy swarms!

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Alan Tao - Leader

Mykhaylo (Michael) Serhiyovych Alekseychyk - Development, 3D Art, Design Support

Jack Hayley - Music

Daniel Carr - Design

Noah Emory - Development

Allison Lu - Development, Testing Support

Bryce "b ricey" Hanna - Development

Brett Pietruszka - Development

Eleanor Buvel Mather - Development

Abdullah "mighty_slab" Altaweel - 3D Art, Design Support

Subrahmanyam Mullangi - Development Support


Downloadable Content

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