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Fall 2022

Singleplayer Bullet Hell Action Fantasy


Game Description

A mystical top-down hack n' slash roguelike adventure set in a forest beyond the veil of memory, hosting the Festival of Wandering, the eternal celebration of the lost and directionless. A lone spirit awakens in the folds of the illusory forest, with nothing but an invitation and a compass in hand. Tasked with the gathering of guests for the Festival, the Wanderer sets out, hoping to gain an understanding of their own circumstances. Facing hailstorms of bullets, armed with spells and brewed weaponry, a journey of wandering and discovery awaits!

Yoon Lee: Production Lead, Music/Sound

Maeve Philipp: Technical Lead, Design

Jade Lu: Production

Emerson Miller: Production

Aabid Quraishi: Production, Narrative/Design

Jessica: Art

Cathy Lin: Art

Cynthia Peng: Art

Yena Jin: Art

Vu Nguyen: Art

Sara Inani: Art

Sydney Oden: Art

Sheleah Harris:Art

Prateek Yadav: Art

Grace Shao: Art, Technical

Shaiera: Art

Tim Weigman: Art

Luke Choi: Art

Jason Ma: Art

Elizabeth Liu: Art

Blue Beeco: Art

Mansi Gupta: Art

Chris Lee: Music/Sound

Logan Bowers: Music/Sound, Technical

Kaleb Bates: Music/Sound

David Houston: Music/Sound

Trenton: Music/Sound

David London: Music/Sound

Jason Z: Music/Sound

Jade Spooner: Technical, Production

Ryan Abusaada: Technical

Frank Qiang: Technical

Justin Yu: Narrative/Design

Soham Kar: Narrative/Design

Brett Steele: Narrative/Design

Amrithesh Paravath: Narrative/Design

Ray Wang: Narrative/Design

Jung Jang: Narrative/Design, Technical

Cole Sosnowski: Narrative/Design


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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