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Zylatov Sisters


Fall 2011

Action Party Platformer


Game Description

The robots came in the night with no warning. Only two powerful sisters can fight them to save us all. You are those sisters.

Chris DeLeon - Project Lead, Programmer, Game Design

Colton Spross - Level Design, Programmer

Carson Britt - Level Design, Programmer

Patrick Coursey - Level Design, Programmer, Writer

Peter Aquila - Level Design, Programmer

Larry Smith - Level Design, Programmer, Composer, Sound Effects, 2D Artist

Hal Helms - Composer, Sound Effects

Lamine Sissoko - Composer, Sound Effects

Johan Soriao - Composer, Sound Effects

John Nesky - Sound Effects

Rose Peng - Playtesting


Downloadable Content

Listen to the Soundtrack!

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