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Speedrun Summer

For the first time ever, compete against your friends, foes, and fellow developers in VGDev’s Speedrun Summer! Plan new routes, discover new strategies, and push a selection of VGDev games to their absolute limit. 

New to speedrunning? You can read more about it


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Featured Games

More games and categories will be unveiled throughout the summer, so keep checking back! You can join our Discord to stay up to date with the latest news and to share tips, ticks, and strategies with other runners.

General Rules

  • All games must be played with the versions downloaded from their respective speedrun summer pages

  • Any and all forms of cheating are banned. These include, but are not limited to

    • Tool-assisted runs (TAS)

    • Splicing 

    • Using a different version of a game

    • Macros

  • Glitches are not considered cheating, but which glitches, if any, are allowed will be specified by game and by category 

    • Mods reserve the right to ban newly-discovered glitches or create a new category if the glitches are game-breaking or undermine the spirit of the run

  • All runs must have video footage accompanying them 

    • Make sure the footage has at least 10 seconds of padding before the run starts and after it ends. Do not cut the video to the exact start/end of the run

    • You may share videos publicly if you choose, but it is not required

    • Please retain a copy of your video until your time has been verified and displayed on the VGDev website.

  • Most runs will be validated within 48 hours

    • We must do this manually, so please be patient

  • You will be notified if your run is invalidated for any reason 

  • Discussing and streaming runs in the VGDev discord is encouraged


  • All runs are real-time attack (RTA) runs. This means games must be played in one sitting without pausing the timer.

  • Each game and category will specify when timing stops and starts

  • All official timing will be done externally. Some games have built-in timers, but these should be a point of reference only, not considered official times

    • If you would like a good external timer, LiveSplit is recommended.

    • You can submit runs that have only been timed in-game,  but these runs will be re-timed.

  • ​~Timing will be confirmed via the video submission

    • You should time your own run to the best of your ability

    • Runs in the top 3 will always be retimed with the video submission

  • Runs will be timed to the nearest second

    • Runs in the top 3 will be timed to the hundredth of a second to break ties





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